Several years ago, I was dealing with a difficult health issue. The first doctor I visited recommended surgery. When I asked about other possible treatments I was told that for my particular problem surgery was really the only option. After talking to Gail, I learned that this was not true. She listened to all of my concerns and helped me to research and explore far less invasive approaches. On Gail’s advice, I went for a second opinion, was able to avoid surgery, and have been symptom-free for years. Thanks, Gail!

S.H.K., Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Albany, NY

I was stuck and discouraged when I had the good fortune of receiving a recommendation from a friend to contact Medical Advocate Gail Phillips. Four months later, I’m feeling empowered. I’m learning how to negotiate the overwhelming challenges of the health care system at a vulnerable time as I move into my seventies.

Gail Phillip’s skills are rooted in her extensive experience and knowledge of health and health care system. She is informed, thoughtful, patient, thorough and grounded. Gail is a compassionate listener, as she helps guide me through complex decision making processes.

Gail has been able to help me negotiate the seemingly endless demands made upon the patient in regard to obtaining medical records, getting to appointments, learning how to get necessary information from medical personnel in sessions that are far too brief, and more.

Gail is diligent, committed to collaboration between doctor and patient, persistent, intuitive and inventive. She is fulfilling an absolutely essential role in our times. We are being asked to make life and death decisions without the information that we need.

Gail’s advocacy creates an imperative for doctors to take the time to explain procedures and their risks and benefits. Because Gail ‘sees’ me, I have begun to develop the skills to insist upon the same from my health care professionals.

E.Y., Professor and Author

When my husband was diagnosed with a progressive neurodegenerative brain disorder, Ms. Phillips provided comprehensive and thorough research with clear persuasive explanation of health issue and available options. She exhibited extensive health knowledge and expertise and shared the same so that we could make informed health decisions on a cogent basis.

C.P., retired Attorney-at-Law
Columbia County, New York

P.E.P., retired Auditor
Columbia County, New York

Gail was extremely supportive to both my wife and me when my wife was diagnosed with Cancer. Her knowledge of meditation and relaxation techniques was very helpful for the coping skills necessary during this stressful time. She was also very helpful and well informed with pain management and making good food choices during her recovery from surgery. She also provided much needed emotional support. It is invaluable to have someone who is kind, encouraging and informative during such a difficult time.

Georgetown, MA

Gail generously took the time to investigate physicians who specialized in the particular traits of my mother’s genetic neurological disorder, a condition that eluded medical understanding. Having a natural aptitude for connecting the dots, Gail was able to compose a feasible network of doctors and alternative holistic health practitioners for my mother’s care. Gail’s patience, ability to think “outside the box”, and (above all) compassion, make her an effective healthcare advocate.

PJM, 36
Northampton, MA